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And Always After That It Grew Much Worse

14 October 2016 marks the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. It is sometimes said that ‘winners write the history books’. However, some recently digitised accounts of the Battle of Hastings...
From: Medieval and Earlier Manuscripts on 13 Oct 2016

An Anglo-Saxon Anecdote: The Battle of the Birds, 671

Alfred and the cakes, Cnut and the waves, and Eadmer the flying monk: Anglo-Saxon history is full of anecdotes. On this blog I will regularly highlight some amusing and/or remarkable episodes from early...
From: Dutch Anglo-Saxonist on 26 Aug 2016

Anglo-Saxon Chronicles Now Online

We are pleased to announce that four of the British Library’s Anglo-Saxon Chronicle manuscripts have been digitised in full and are now available on our Digitised Manuscripts website: Anglo-Saxon Chronicle...

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