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Princes, Be Good!

Celebrating the 700th anniversary of Boccaccio's birth with John Lydgate's Fall of Princes. John Lydgate's Fall of Princes is a version of Giovanni Boccaccio's Latin prose De casibus vivorum et feminarum...
From: Medieval manuscripts blog on 10 Jun 2013

Whan þe soone entrith into the signe of þe Ram

Spring is not quite in full swing, but some of its signs are here. We haven’t had below-freezing temperatures in Philadelphia for nearly a week and the wind is becoming a little less harsh. The daffodils...
From: tolde by the weye on 30 Mar 2013

Family planning involving a river and a tree

Westvleteren XII – a Trappist beer that scored a perfect 100 on Beer Advocate last year. Six-packs sold for as much as $85 US (image: Cardinal André Vingt-Trois has been making...
From: tolde by the weye on 17 Feb 2013

Medieval Tour Guides and The Stations of Jerusalem

Medieval Tour Guides and The Stations of Jerusalem                         Edel Mulcahy is on a quest to popularize the idea of family in...
From: tolde by the weye on 6 Feb 2013

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