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The Kingis Quair

A sneak preview of part of a work in progress, though I promise you that other blog posts will be very soon on their way (including all you might ever want to know about the caesura in Middle English poetry)....
From: Stylisticienne on 13 Sep 2016

The Techne of Verse-Making: Poetry’s Termes in Middle English

Tomorrow I’m off to London to attend the Biennial London Chaucer Conference.  I’m speaking on Saturday morning in a session on ‘Literary Technologies’.  The title of my...
From: Stylisticienne on 9 Jul 2015

The Three Dead Skulls

In spare moments this week I’ve been rootling around in more “minor poetry”, more “shorter works”, looking at different verse forms.  This time I’ve been reading the shorter works of Robert...
From: Stylisticienne on 12 Mar 2015

On his heid-ake:A Medieval Migraine

Here’s a wonderful short poem (scroll down for text and translation) by the Middle Scots poet William Dunbar (born ?1460, died ?1513) which gives us a late medieval account of a migraine.   Dunbar...
From: Stylisticienne on 14 Feb 2015

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