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acrostic, abece, poyse

Three terms for the price of one in this blog post.  An abece (or an abc) is a poem where each line or each stanza (or even each word in a stanza, in one particularly jazzy Latin example) begins with...
From: Stylisticienne on 27 Sep 2016

geste (n), gesten (vb.)

geste (n), gesten (vb.) This noun and verb are derived from Latin gesta and French geste, referring both to heroic deeds and to the recounting of such deeds.  In Middle English, the noun has more...
From: Stylisticienne on 1 Aug 2016

How to talk about… alliteration

Alliteration is the repetition of the same or similar sounds at the beginning of a word.  In modern definitions, alliteration usually refers to the repetition of consonants or consonant clusters (i.e....
From: Stylisticienne on 10 Sep 2014

Pearl: Tiny-Justments

As we change over to the new syllabus, this is the last year in which our Finalists might write a exam commentary on an extract from the Middle English poem Pearl.  In the next couple of weeks I’m therefore...
From: Stylisticienne on 26 Apr 2014

Mixed-Up Death

One of the ever-present temptations when writing about poetics is the urge to classify and produce taxonomies, to label different types of versification as different traditions, opposite categories, or...
From: Stylisticienne on 17 Apr 2014

Frozen and Free

This week’s poem (scroll down for text and translation) is a medieval version of constraint writing, in which a writer constrains themselves to comply with an arbitrary rule or pattern.  In this tiny...
From: Stylisticienne on 6 Mar 2014

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