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Alchemical illustrations, colours and an odd vessel

A friend linked to a short online collection of pictures of alchemical manuscripts, which included a 15th century Germany/ Austrian Donum Dei of pseudo-Arnaldian type, or at least it refers to him a few...
From: distillatio on 7 Aug 2016

Word of the Month: Sky blue, peacock blue, indigo and luxury fabric colours

As part of my PhD thesis, I have been researching language contact between Anglo-Norman and dialects of medieval Italian.The AND currently only has five entries labelled as Italianisms: comyt< It. comito...
From: Anglo-Norman words on 28 Jul 2016

Word of the Month: Purple

As the editors of the AND work their way towards the end of the revision of the letter ‘P’, one of the entries being rewritten is that of the colour purpre, that is, ‘purple’[1]....
From: Anglo-Norman words on 22 Feb 2016

More New Books

I do so love getting new books! Just lashed out on these with a voucher from my kind in-laws. If you see me sitting impatiently by the post box, you know why: Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: books,...
From: In Thirteenth Century England on 30 Oct 2014

Conservation in the 17th Century

The ‘Mayerne manuscript’, Sloane MS 2052, is on display at the National Gallery’s exhibition Making Colour and is also available to view on Digitised Manuscripts. Compiled over twenty-six years,...
From: Medieval and Earlier Manuscripts on 22 Jul 2014

The Colourful Career of Sir Theodore de Mayerne

It is a curious fact that at present the Mayerne manuscript (Sloane MS 2052) is probably physically closer to its author than at any time since his death. Visitors to the National Gallery exhibition Making...
From: Medieval and Earlier Manuscripts on 19 Jul 2014

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