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Word of the Month: body-parts ‘canel’, ‘canole’, ‘eskanel’, ‘chanel’, and which is which?

Part of the current revision process of the Anglo-Norman Dictionary ( is the provision of (live) links to other relevant dictionaries for every single entry. This places all Anglo-Norman...
From: Anglo-Norman words on 30 Jun 2016

CFP, ICMS Kalamazoo 2017: “Grey Matter: Brains, Diseases, and Disorders”

Call for papers: ICMS Kalamazoo 2017 “Grey Matter: Brains, Diseases, and Disorders” Special session organised by Deborah Thorpe, Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders at the University...
From: The Scribe Unbound on 29 Jun 2016

Bald's Leechbook Now Online

The current Anglo-Saxon Digitisation project covers a wide range of manuscripts, from Psalters to letters to lawcodes to schoolbooks to medical remedies. We are pleased to announce that, for the first...

Seminar CLXIII: doctors in one place, lords in many

Since 1984 (I understand) there has been a peripatetic seminar series shared between the medievalists of the universities of Chester, Keele, Lancaster, Liverpool, Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan...

Translating Margery Kempe’s Inner Voices

  In early September I attended the conference, ‘Medicine of Words: Literature, Medicine, and Theology in the Middle Ages’, held at St Anne’s College, Oxford. There I had a privilege...

Ointments and Potions

We have recently published to Digitised Manuscripts Sloane MS 345, a Dutch scientific manuscript of the early 16th century containing a cornucopia of scientific texts, from prescriptions for ointments...
From: Medieval and Earlier Manuscripts on 22 Apr 2015

Making the oil of vitriol and why I’ve been using the wrong distillation equipment

Sorry for taking so long between posts; my main computer stopped working and it took a while to work out what to replace it with, which then of course meant work to get it working the way I wanted it to....
From: distillatio on 18 Apr 2015

Medieval Cures, Archaeological Finds, and The Quest: Medieval News Roundup

Some of the interesting news about the Middle Ages that have come out in recent days: [View the story "Medicines, Archaeology and The Quest: Medieval News Roundup" on Storify]
From: Medieval News on 9 Sep 2014

Irish Brain surgeons, Vikings who recycle and spotting mistakes in churches: Medieval News Roundup

[View the story "Irish Brain surgeons, Vikings who recycle and spotting mistakes in churches: Medieval News Roundup" on Storify]
From: Medieval News on 27 Aug 2014

Gregory of Tours and the Demons of Alternative Medicine

When I started off this post it was towards the end of some weeks re-reading Lewis Thorpe’s translation of the Ten Books of Histories of Bishop Gregory of Tours.1 This is obviously from a bit earlier...
From: A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe on 30 Jul 2014

Death and Disease as a Christian Recruiting Tool

It’s nice when mainstream media utilizes people who actually know what they’re talking about. This morning CNN had an article from early Christian historian Candida Moss, “How an Apocalyptic...
From: Medieval History Geek on 23 Jun 2014

CFP: Bodies Beyond Borders: The Circulation of Anatomical Knowledge, 1750-1950

Leuven, 7-9 January 2015Bodies Beyond Borders is a scholarly conference on the circulation of anatomical knowledge that indicates the heighted interest in the history of anatomy in Leuven. This conference...
From: She-Wolf on 19 May 2014

OUT NOW: Wounds in the Middle Ages, ed. Anne Kirkham and Cordelia Warr (Ashgate, 2014)

A new collection of essays on wounds and wound treatment in the Middle Ages, co-edited by our president, Cordelia Warr, and including an essay by our treasurer, Hannah Priest. Wounds were a potent signifier...
From: Manchester Medieval Society on 30 Apr 2014

Anglo-Saxon Medicine

Do you suffer from asthma, warts or hiccups? Are you fed up with modern medical remedies? If so, we are pleased to tell you that How to Cure the Plague and Other Curious Remedies, by Julian Walker, has...
From: Medieval and Earlier Manuscripts on 14 Oct 2013

Gutenberg, Executions, Medicis, Vikings, Hobbits and more - medieval news roundup

A medieval news roundup for the weekend... If you are a fan of Marshall McLuhan or have an interest in the history of printing, this interview from the Columbia Journalism Review might interest you....
From: Medieval News on 21 Jun 2013

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