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Making quills for writing with

For years I have had trouble finding quills for writing with. I’ve asked people about finding them, but some are stupid and think you can magically find good feathers for quills anywhere in the countryside....
From: distillatio on 3 Oct 2016

Anglo-Saxon apps: Old English on your smartphone

In this blog post, I review five apps that bring the early medieval magic of Old English to your 21st-century smartphone. I am not in any way connected to the developers of these apps. Let’s get...
From: Dutch Anglo-Saxonist on 4 Sep 2016

Interesting article on Viking/ Scandinavian casting methods, compared to what I know and have done It shows a number of things. One is that you can do casting with a comparatively small and simple hearth, with bellows feeding a tuyere. This is not of course...
From: My medieval foundry on 17 Mar 2016

Ongoing bell posts -Part 2 – making small bells

I posses several late or post-medieval bells or rather rumbler bells, purchased from metal detectorists. One in particular is an interesting find. Here it is, front first and then back: Note the goldish...
From: My medieval foundry on 23 Jan 2016

X-Rays Expose a Hidden Medieval Library

Readers of this blog probably know that early-modern book bindings contain hidden treasure: fragments cut from medieval manuscripts, ranging from small snippets to full pages. The fragments were...
From: medievalbooks on 18 Dec 2015

Making blue and green ink

Having made black and red inks, I thought I would try something a bit more unusual. You can see blue, red and black ink used in this 15th century MS, the Livre de Sydrac in the British Library:
From: distillatio on 26 Sep 2015

Latten maille and the uses of brass in war

And lots of other latten in war gear. I was browsing through “The medieval inventories of the Tower armouries 1320-1410”, a PhD thesis by Roland Thomas Richardson (Which can be downloaded from...
From: My medieval foundry on 30 Jul 2015

Trying to make a lead spindle whorl and mould

For several years now I have been trying to make various replica pewter and lead objects, one being a spindle whorl. Not perfect copies cast from an original in silicone, but copies of the sort that a...
From: My medieval foundry on 6 Jul 2015

Being a blog, I can ask questions that professionals won’t go near due to lack of evidence

For instance, who made stone moulds used to cast pewter and perhaps bronze items? Having had a skim through several sources of information about stone moulds, such as the Museum of London books, the Historical...
From: My medieval foundry on 26 Feb 2015

Touchstones and streak testing

I realised I hadn’t written about this method of knowing what purity of metal you have, despite how important it is in gold and silversmithing, and of course it is relevant to alchemy because it...
From: distillatio on 18 Feb 2015

The rather important use of lathes by foundrymen

For 7 years now I have been thinking about all aspects of how medieval craftsmen made objects out of bronze or pewter. The method of manufacture of some objects is obvious, from the excavated stone moulds...
From: My medieval foundry on 17 Feb 2015

The importance of finishing your casting off – unanswered questions about medieval bronze castings

Looking at real surviving bronze objects from the medieval period leaves me amazed at how good they are. The thinness, the smoothness and so on. I have never been able to replicate it using clay based...
From: My medieval foundry on 1 Feb 2015

Purification of Saltpetre, part one

At last, the experiment you have all been waiting for. Purifying saltpetre. As we all know, it is one of two critically important ingredients for gunpowder, the other being charcoal. The latter is easy...
From: distillatio on 25 Jan 2015

Any Old Iron (in which I am behind the times on medieval technical change)

This post is probably more a note to myself than anything, and comes again apropos of my having a while back read Jean-Pierre Devroey’s L’Économie rurale et société en l’Europe...
From: A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe on 27 May 2014

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