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Death of the Middle English Virelai

Just a quick post to say that my article on a group of fifteenth- and early sixteenth-century lyrics which in the past were misidentified as Middle English virelais has been published in Medium Ævum 85.1...
From: Stylisticienne on 31 Jul 2016


virelai (noun), also virelay The word virelai appears in Middle English in lists of examples of lyric forms for love poetry, often lists translating or imitating similar lists in French poetry.  Aurelius,...
From: Stylisticienne on 21 Sep 2015

Sumwhat musyng

For the last few weeks I’ve been exploring whether a particular French lyric form, the virelai, is used by English poets in the fifteenth century.  Several Middle English poems are labelled as virelais...
From: Stylisticienne on 18 Mar 2014

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